jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

Russia: ¿Getting Ready For Nuclear War?

A Russian general has called for Russia to revamp its military doctrine, last updated in 2010, to clearly identify the U.S. and its NATO allies as Moscow’s enemy number one and spell out the conditions under which Russia would launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the 28-member military alliance, Interfax reported Wednesday.

And Russia is spending money as if a nuclear confrontation with the U.S. is a very real possibility.  In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin has committed to a “weapons modernization program” that is going to cost the equivalent of 540 billion dollars. In line with this program, it is said Russia would be building submarines so quiet that the U.S. military would not detect them. These “black hole” submarines could freely approach the coastlines of the United States almost without fear of being detected. The U.S. Navy openly acknowledges that they cannot track these subs when they are submerged, so it would mean that the Russians would be able to sail right up to U.S. coastlines and launch nukes whenever they want.

  • U.S. nuclear officers are actually still using floppy disks and other computer technology from the 1960s
  • The size of the U.S. nuclear arsenal has been reduced by about 95 percent from the peak of the Cold War
  • Most Americans still believe that “the Cold War is over” and that Russia presents absolutely no threat to U.S.
  • The Obama administration has discussed reducing the size of their already neutered strategic nuclear arsenal down to just 300 warheads

  • Russian media is reporting that 60 percent of all Russian nuclear missiles will have radar-evading capability by 2016.
  • Just this week, Russia conducted a successful test of the new submarine-launched Bulava intercontinental nuclear missile.

Most Americans don’t want to think on this, but ¿What if Russian subs could come cruising right up to U.S. coasts while americans are sleeping..., and launch missiles towards the main cities? Of course nobody on either side actually hopes that such a war will happen, but most wars are won before a single shot is fired, and right now Russia is working very hard to make sure that it will have the best chance possible of coming out on top in any future conflict.

Let us hope and pray that we never see a nuclear war between the United States and Russia.

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