sábado, 29 de junio de 2013

Canada May Host Radar Site for US Missile Defense System

Canadian military officials are trying to revive a plan to install a high-tech radar system at Goose Bay as an offering to the U.S. for Canadian participation in the Pentagon’s missile shield. The debate over Canada’s potential involvement in the missile defence shield was back in the news last week, with Public Safety Minister Vic Toews commenting on a television talk show that a broader discussion was needed on the issue. U.S. officials have said there have been no recent discussions with Canadian representatives about the missile defence shield, but that’s because Canada is still gathering information for various options it hopes to present to the U.S. government. A radar located at CFB Goose Bay, NL would have an advantage over other sensors as it would be able to give several minutes more advance warning of a missile attack on North America’s eastern seaboard. (Read more)

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