miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

Israel deploys full missile defenses

Israel is deploying all of its missile defenses as a precaution against possible Syrian retaliatory attacks should Western powers carry out threatened strikes on Syria, Israeli Army Radio said today.

No special troop movements or exercises have been ordered (apart of a small-scale mobilisation of reservists) but additional Iron Dome and Patriot missile defense batteries were deployed Wednesday in Israeli areas near the Syrian border, Israeli defense officials said.

The missile defenses include:
  • Against long range missiles: Arrow-II
  • Against medium range missiles: Patriot
  • Against short range missiles: Iron Dome

Israel says the Iron Dome system shot down one of the four rockets launched from Lebanon into northern Israel last week, and intercepted a rocket fired toward the Red Sea resort town of Eilat earlier this month. The Iron Dome system has also intercepted rockets launched from the Gaza Strip.

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